• Women and Child Safety

The hazards of violence towards women and children in various environments is extreme. Women and children face various forms of violence and abuse in almost ever environment - be it their home, on the street, in public transport, in their workplace...Everywhere! 

NEEVA believes that women are the solution to this social menace in our society. 

We empower women with awareness and skills to become the champions of change. This is achieved by preventing and eliminating the violence they face by tackling the root causes for this violence and giving them alternate livelihood and career options to build the change. Women are motherly and caring. We tap into this inherent trait to bring them to the forefront of safety solutions for other women and children. NEEVA carries out rescues for those facing violence, provide intervention support, provides safe mobility solutions, creating stable and empowered environments for women and children. 

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Domestic Violence Support

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