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Below are some of the videos of our trainees, and women who have been placed with TAXSHE. These are not the best videographed (as we are learners in this field of videography :-) ) however, absolutely true, honest, and lovely happy times with the team, and small experiences on how their lives have changed. They still don't realize how much their lives have changed, how independent they have become. Years later they will feel the impact!

This brings out the reality of our efforts, non made up videos, "in the face" discussions. Some girls established, some stumbling, some still in training. All just moving towards one goal, maybe at different timelines, speed and productivity. Nevertheless, only POSITIVITY!


It's fun for me.


Come of age


It was my calling


Slow but steady


If I can do it, why can't you?


Failure to success


Will go the distance


I need to do more


 Introvert to Extrovert


Dream come true


Love and freedom


From Driver to Coach

In the news

TAXSHE, an organisation focused on women driving as a career, has been our key employment partner. NEEVA candidates have the first preference of placement with TAXSHE which currently has employed ALL the 25 women trained by NEEVA and will employ another 100 women by March 2019.  They have a placement MOU for 4500 women drivers over the next 5 years.and will employ another 100 women by March 2019.  They have a placement MOU for 4500 women drivers over the next 5 years.

MARUTI SUZUKI has been very welcoming of our concept and joined hands as our training partners. Maruti envisioned that in order to enable a professional driving career for these women, they would require focussed training skills that go way beyond the usual 10 hour  driving course.They have devised a special scheme called UNNATI, included our inputs and structured a 50 hour training course for these women from such lower economic and education levels. Maruti also sponsors the formal training under their CSR Platform.

MAHINDRA FINANCE, under their CSR, along with AZAD FOUNDATION have been supporting and assisting us to provide holistic capacity building course for women drivers, based on Azad’s Women on Wheels model.  They have acknowledged the need for extended driving practice sessions, beyond the driving school. With their guidance and financial support, we are able to provide a whole lot of empowerment modules like self defence, english speaking, gender and parity, grooming, legal understanding of their rights, sexual health and well-being as well as first aid.

Tata Trusts are amongst India's oldest, non-sectarian philanthropic organisations. The Trusts own two-third of the stock holding of Tata Sons, the apex company of the Tata group of companies. The wealth that accrues from this asset supports an assortment of causes, institutions and individuals in a wide variety of areas. In this manner, the profits that the Tata companies earn go back many times over to the communities they operate in. These funds have been deployed towards a whole range of community development programmes across the country, for over a 100 years now.