Sponsors support our work towards eliminating violence, creating sustainable income sources to build financial independence and turning lives around for the better. Every contribution counts. 

It costs approximately Rs. 8500/- to support someone in a violent or abusive situation. This cost enables befriending, counseling, case work support such as police intervention, legal aid and mediation. In some cases, de-addiction support is also covered within this cost.

Training of each woman driver costs anywhere between Rs. 50000-70000 and ranges between 6-8 months duration.  The costs include driving training, defensive driving techniques, license costs, financial literacy, spoken english, basic self defense, GPS monitoring. Trainees also receive soft skills such as leadership, entrepreneurship, communication, active listening, etiquette and more. During the training period, stipends are paid to the trainees to ensure that there is no loss of critical income for their families during this time. Costs cover skilled and experienced trainers, vehicles and fuel.

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Who is a sponsor

A sponsor can be an individual or organisation who believes in our cause of creating financial stability and independence for women while breaking stereotypes with a vision of eliminating patriarchy faced by most of the trainees. 

How to sponsor

You may contribute through the link given here or write to us on

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Benefits of sponsoring

By being a sponsor, you are directly impacting someone's life for the better. You will be supporting us to carry on our work and funding is an important part of continuity towards eliminating violence and patriarchy. You will also gain an 80G exemption. 

How much must I sponsor?

General contributions used towards supporting domestic violence survivors and / or driving training can be in the denominations below. 




Training contributions

Full Training - Rs. 50000/-

Part Training - Rs. 25000/-

Domestic Violence Survivor support - Rs. 8500/-

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