NEEVA FOUNDATION has created an avenue for respect of women and their financial independence. NEEVA comes as a breath of fresh air for women from various life sources :

1. Women from financially weak segments

2. Single Mothers

3. Burn Victims

4. Rape and abuse victims.

5. College students

6. Home Makers

NEEVA does a lot of one to one meetings with women, counsels them and their families as to how Driving as a career can be a win win for both the women drivers as well as the society. This is one career, where the women are WANTED because of the safety they bring with them. Women are predominantly caretakers and this is exactly the quality needed for such a career.

Under its flagship, NEEVA provides a variety of services and opportunities to women who are basically from below poverty line :

1. Sourcing, counselling and empowering them to take up a new career and move out of their mindset that only stitching, cooking or cleaning can be their only careers.

2. Training with Maruti Suzuki along with simulator classes

3. Inhouse finishing skills

4. Financial Literacy programmes

5. Self defence

6. English speaking

7. GPS and navigation tutorials

8. Time Management

9. Nurtures woman entrepreneurship and leadership skills