NEEVA orginates from the word "NEEV" which means a base, a foundation. A solid ground for growth.

NEEVA was founded in June 2016 to empower women from underpriveledged society to go get a life of respect and dignity.



NEEVA has taken the objective to empower women by giving them life skills of driving. These women are from slums, most of them single mothers in the ages of 35-45. Many of them are deserted by their families, some even burn victims.

NEEVA trains them in 4 wheeler driving with the help of Maruti Suzuki, and places them as drivers with TAXSHE, a Company focussing exclusively on women drivers and women cabs.

NEEVA also facilitates soft skills and self defence trainings for these women.

The Result of these empowerments is the safety of children and women in society, help families lead a stress free life while their families are commuting.  These women also get a lot of love and encouragement which they have never received before.



NEEVA is aware, like every other citizen of India, especially in the metropolitan cities, of the hazards of sexual abuse faced by women and children while commuting.

NEEVA believes in a simple solution that women who are inherently motherly and caring by nature can be the solution to this social menace in our society. These women drivers, most of whom are already mothers, are given a new lifeskill which keeps them safe also while providing safety for the community at large.

The objective is to make it a conducive ecosystem for both the drivers as well as society. These women earn a lot of respect for taking this bold step of keeping children safe as driving has never been considered as a career for women and has always been a male dominated profession. In turn, these women contribute safety to the society.