Training of each woman driver costs anywhere between 50000-70000 per driver and ranges between 6-8 months duration.  We take care of not just their training costs, also their license costs and well as stipends are paid to these women to enable them to go to the training centers. We also train them in spoken English, basic self defence and GPS monitoring on smart phones.  We also take them through financial literacy programmes, leadership and enterpreneurial modules.

Training itself is dual pronged:

1.    Formal training through a driving school

        We have specially designed courses for these women with the help of Maruti, wherein the girls are trained for 50 hours.  Given the low education and confidence levels, these 50 hours are needed to give them an understanding of the mechanics of the car, basic training on how to drive, and knowledge of the vehicle.  This training is on dual clutch control vehicles as per mandate of training institutions.

2.    Finishing skills

    Once she is through with her formal training, there is still a lot of finishing skills to be worked at namely :

    1.    Getting her off the dual clutch control, she now has to learn to drive a regular car independently without the trainer operating the controls.

    2.    Highway driving

    3.    Night driving

    4.    Peak hour driving skills

    5.    Extensive parking trainings

    6.    Financial literacy

    7.    Etiquette towards clients and kids

The above trainings are all done inhouse and form the major setup costs namely specialised trainers, training vehicle, fuel, excessive wear and tear of training vehicles.


You could sponsor a livelihood with the button given below

Training cost sponsor

1.    Full Training - Rs 50000

2.    Part Training - Rs.25000

3.    Small Amount - Rs.5000

4.    Smaller Amount - Rs.2000

5.    Just a Little Bit - Rs.1000