Sujatha is an abandoned girl child.  She has 2 brothers, and is still searching for them from the age of 3 years.  She lost her parents as a very small child and all the children were left dependent on a relative.  The relative kept back the 2 boys and abandoned Sujatha, who was later given shelter by Abala Ashrama.

Sujatha has lived her entire childhood feeling uprooted and disconnected.  However, this negativity has also made her a very strong and independent young woman, who has learnt the art of survival in all dire conditions.  She did a few odd jobs are KFC and other private placements, however still felt like she needed to make her own path.

She learnt driving and is currently employed with Taxshe, and was infused with the sense of accomplishment and direction ahead of her.  She learnt to be complete within herself.  Life is an open canvas for her and she writes her own destiny.


This is Vijaya Kumar, a single mother of 2 kids. Aged 35. She works as an office cleaner in a corporate from the last 15 years. A very brave girl, who was deserted by her husband when her elder kid was just about 4 years of age. The younger one was just 1. Her daughter is also suffering from a heart ailment at the young age of 13.

Today she has learnt driving, and drives around about 20 kids every single day. She has the respect she has been wanting from over the years. Not only does she drive other children, she has even bought a second hand car for herself, because she wanted to also drive her own children to school.

She supplements her income as a cleaner with the income of being a part time driver, taking her monthly income from Rs.5000/- to Rs.20000/- today. She also now has the finacial stability to take care of the medical expenses of her child and is no longer dependent on charity of relatives or small expensive loans for her daughter's treatment.  She is proud of the fact that being a single mom, she is able to look after and provide all necessities for her kids.


Selvi, single mother of a 22 year old daughter is slightly polio affected and walks with a soft limp.  She has only been treated as handicapped all her life, and lived on the pity of friends and relatives.  She never believed that she could ever drive in her life, was always pulled down in life being nomenclated as a defect piece.

We had to instill a lot of confidence and ignite the fire within her, counsel her and make her aware of her own internal strength.  Today, she doesn't look back, she has learnt to believe in her ownself than listen to the dictates of others.

She is a part time cook and a part time driver.  Has moved from an earning of Rs.3000/- per month to 12,000/- per month.  She is also encouraging her own daughter to take up this career.


Vijaya is a young widow and a mother of 2.  Always smiling, bubbly, full of life.  Her life is not perfect, she however goes out of her way to make it better.  It could be simple things of just looking good, feeling good about your ownself.  

She is an epitome of positivity, you will always hear her all conditions, good, bad, ugly...

She drives around small children of a playschool in Whitefield, Bangalore.  And lives her own childhood with them, laughing, joking, and actually learns English from those small children!  A perfect example of give and take and enjoy your job!  

She has the ambition of becoming a trainer in days to come, giving back to city, her own way of patriotism..