TAXSHE, an organisation focussed at women driving as a career, has been our key employment partner. NEEVA                        candidates have the first preference of placement with TAXSHE.

                        TAXSHE currently has employed ALL the 25 women trained by NEEVA (as of October 2016) and requires                         another 250 women in this current financial year.  They have a plan of employing 3500 women drivers over                         the next 5 years.

MARUTI SUZUKI has been very welcoming of our concept and joined hands as our training partners. Maruti envisioned that in order to enable a professional driving career for these women, they would require focussed training skills that go way beyond the usual 10 hour  driving course.They have devised a special scheme called UNNATI, included our inputs and structured a 50 hour training course for these women from such lower economic and education levels. Maruti also sponsors the formal training under their CSR Platform.

We acknowledge and humbly accept their assistance and expertise towards this project.